MSD challenges

  • Best in class AI and Computer Vision models

  • Regular smartphone video as input feed

  • 100x more data points 

Assessment Models

We support following models for ergonomics assessment​

  • RULA - Rapid Upper Body Limb Assessment

  • REBA - Rapid Entire Body Assessment


These models are some of the most popular and are established worldwide. We plan to keep adding and updating the models in the future.

CerebrumEdge has developed

  • Domain specific AI models

  • Utilizing real data of workplaces

  • Using well researched Computer Vision techniques

Solution validated in

  • Real industrial setting

  • Different lighting conditions

  • Frames with partial view and obstructions 

MSD Risk assessment

ErgoVision Solution

Full Solution

We provide end-to-end solution with minimal input from the operator:

  • Online (real-time) and offline assessment option

  • No special expertise needed to use the solution

  • Full vision based solution, no sensors required

  • Normal smartphone or tablet needed

  • Most comprehensive assessment analyzing each frame of the work-cycle

  • Use as you need (cloud based solution)

  • Full visual and text log of assessment for auditing or comparison